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It’s June, and puffs of warm breath escape into the cold evening air as more than 1500 hungry, chilly people gather at the Operation Anti-Freeze June soup kitchen.

Even as the crowd huddles together against the winter chill there is a tremble of excitement and relief as each person waits for the shuffling line to move them towards the promise of a hot meal, and the warmth of the blanket they will receive today.

The soft thick blanket they receive is a product of 6 months of diligent work by the Operation Anti-Freeze team who began collecting these blankets in January.

These gifts of warmth have stretched far and wide, not only helping those attending the soup kitchen but also children identified at school as being in need of support and the Disabled supported by Operation Anti-Freeze who would otherwise be cold through the winter.

The warmth now shared with so many people is a result of the caring generosity of all those who have made, collected or donated these blankets. Your kindness is appreciated by all who receive a blanket for the winter.

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