Operation Anti-Freeze


We support a number of schools where teachers have identified groups of children from households so poor the children's only source of food is from the school. These children are given food parcels monthly and we supply the schools with spreads, which they use to provide lunch for the children.

Operation Anti-Freeze supports 500 children in 11 schools who have been identified as not having food outside of what the teachers are providing them. We would love to provide these children with a food parcel every week.

Operation Anti-Freeze


Our soup kitchen provides a food parcel and feeds between 700 and 1200 people per month on the first Wednesday of every month at the Shoprite Checkers in Voortrekker Street Kempton Park at 17h15.

The Operation Anti-Freeze Soup Kitchen is a hive of activity again this evening as the sun begins to dip below the horizon, bathing the parking lot of the Shoprite Checkers in Voortrekker Street Kempton Park a warm gold.

As the line begins to form a lively hymn oats over the excitedly chattering crowd as hotdogs and cold drink are handed out along with a food parcel.

We are a registered Non Profit Organisation with
the Department of Social Services.

Operation Anti-Freeze


At the beginning of each year we start collecting blankets which are distributed in June at our soup kitchen and to the schools.

The warmth now shared with so many people is a result of the caring generosity of all those who have made, collected or donated these blankets. Your kindness is appreciated by all who receive a blanket for the winter.

The soft thick blanket they receive is a product of 6 months of diligent work by the Operation Anti-Freeze team who began collecting these blankets in January.

Operation Anti-Freeze


From the middle of the year we start collecting toys which are wrapped up and handed out at our December soup kitchen and to the schools. We also collect stationery which is given out to the school children so that they have what they need for the new school year.

Operation Anti-Freeze is collecting Toys for little people for Christmas If you'd like to see how you can get involved see our volunteer application form below.

Operation Anti-Freeze


Christmas should be a time of hope but for many it is a time of fear. We want to change that by collecting 2000 hampers, which is a plastic bucket filled with non-perishable foods. These hampers will be given out at the December soup kitchen and to the schools to give the less fortunate a bit of Christmas cheer.

Its Christmas morning, for many people, Christmas is a time of relaxation, joy and Indulgence in the good things life has to offer but for this little family, the overwhelming emotion is relief and thankfulness, because this Christmas is different to many others.

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